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Milestone: Concluded pilot testing

By April 2, 2024April 9th, 2024No Comments
Agri-E april 2023 1529
Successfully concluded pilot testing

After two years of dedicated effort, Arda Energy (formerly Agri-e) has successfully concluded pilot testing for hydrogen production. With over 2000 hours logged, we’re leveraging this solid foundation to scale up our operations.

With invaluable support from our esteemed partners

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable support from our esteemed partners:

• Equinor
• Norske Shell
• Rosenberg Worley
• Energy Transition Norway
• Norled
• Hydrogen Mem-Tech
• Enova
• Skattefunn
• Aarbakke Innovation

Over the past two years, we’ve achieved significant milestones. In January 2022, we laid the groundwork for our pilot system at the Risavika testing facility. After a six-month building period, we commenced partial system testing, focusing on components such as compressors, water treatment, reformers, H2 separators, and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC).

Ready to transition to the commercial version

Throughout this phase, our internally developed simulator proved invaluable in anticipating and mitigating challenges. This simulator, running real-time simulations of all process sections, enabled rigorous testing of our pilot control system.

Our physical pilot system has now surpassed 2000 hours of operation, during which we’ve tackled both planned and unforeseen challenges. Equipped with an emergency shutdown system, the pilot responded effectively to issues like loss of electric power, feed gas, air supply, and process water, ensuring safe shutdowns and facilitating swift resolutions.

In simpler terms, we’ve not only learned how to operate the plant but also how NOT to run it.

Drawing on this wealth of experience and comprehensive data logging, we’re ready to transition to the commercial version of the Arda Energy hydrogen plant.